Why London could be the best city in the world for recovery

We all struggle at times. Life is a juggling act. Work. Deadlines. Family. Entertaining. Stress. Pressure. It can all get on top of you and often you may find that, for a period of time – longer than you’d realised, you have been using substances to get you through. Alcohol to be social at work events, to toast a new business deal, or at the next family celebration. Cocaine in the evenings to ensure you are alert enough to draw up budgets, analyse targets or are seen talking and networking with the right people. Finally, Xanax to get you through the interminable days and prevent breakdown. Until you are broken down. The moment when you realise you need help, and the moment you actually reach out for it are hard enough without having to spend your time researching the best place to go for your recovery.
To make the whole experience easier we have pulled together a list of reasons why London is the right place to put the pieces of your life back together.
It has recently been voted top city in the world for the wealthy:
According to the Financial News, Knight Frank’s City Wealth Index, published as part of its annual Wealth Report, has named the UK capital as the leading city in the world for wealthy people to live. Trumping New York for the spot at the top.
One of the greenest major cities in the world:
This is important when choosing a place to recover because, although you may still need to be close to transport links and the urban world, it is vital to health and wellbeing to be able to walk in open spaces and appreciate the power of nature. With London, you get the absolute best of both worlds. According to the City of London Economic Research ( London is one of the greenest major cities in the world. 35,000 of its acres are public parks, woodlands and gardens. This means that nearly 40% of London’s total surface area is made up of public green space.
Ability to stay connected:
London is easily accessible from anywhere around the world. Taking time out to recover should not be a stress in itself. One of the reasons you are seeking recovery may be due to the amount of stress that you already have. Being connected directly to over 130 countries means you can take the time out knowing that you can easily get anywhere else in the world you need to be.
Many historic links:
Historically London is connected to English speaking diaspora and former colonies making for an easy transition between countries should you need it.
Strong Physical and Mental health support systems: 
This is key for anyone’s recovery. London has some of the highest numbers of specialists outside of the U.S. and has extremely strong clinical and regulatory standards, which promote and ensure high degrees of care. It also boasts a highly ethnically diverse NHS with access to world class specialists who are able to communicate in a vast range of different languages. Knowing that you are being cared for by some of the leading authorities in their field who are also able to meet your linguistic demands is a value beyond measure.
A deep understanding of all the contributing factors to recovery:
It doesn’t matter how exceptional the medical care may be in a country if a person’s recovery cannot be looked at in its totality. London, like Switzerland places a high emphasis on the medical approach, however they have a greater understanding of the role non-medical Practitioners play in the treatment and recovery of clients.
Effective Legal support:
Privacy can be a concern in London, just as it can in any major city. However London is well versed in the issues surrounding press intrusion and because of this they have many effective legal approaches that are able to protect your privacy throughout your journey of recovery.
Peer to peer meetings:
London has the highest number of peer to peer/strength based meetings in Europe. Whether you are living in London, or just there for your recovery, these meetings can be a vital component in your journey. Don’t underestimate the power of ongoing support from others who understand what you have been going through.
London is the global centre for Arts and Finance:
Recovery doesn’t mean you have to be cut off from everything the outside world has to offer. In fact, the idea of recovering in a “bubble” is as impermanent as the bubble itself. In London you are able to receive an unparalleled level of care and service within a dynamic environment, allowing for business and leisure to be an implicit component of treatment.

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