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Alcoholism, alcohol use disorder, functioning alcoholism, or alcohol dependence, are all conditions characterised by regular excessive alcohol consumption. Excessive alcohol use can lead to dependency, where its consumption becomes a daily necessity in order to ward off the physical and mental symptoms of alcohol withdrawal such as the shakes, anxiety, depression and nausea. For many people, occasional alcohol use is a harmless pleasure, and is often used as a social lubricant.

However, regular use is a slippery slope, as it can become a means of escape from daily life. Occasional use can become regular, which can become excessive, leading to addiction. Alcohol addiction, or any substance addiction, can have a devastating impact on the health of the user and to family and social relationships.
The consequences of long term alcohol dependence are many, including psychological, physical, and behavioural issues. Physical effects include cirrhosis of the liver, some cancers, and depression and anxiety, along with other mood disorders. Without treatment, alcohol addiction can be fatal. However, treatment is available, and with the right amount of care and compassion, those who are deeply affected can be reached.

Private Alcohol Detox Services

At Addcounsel’s Luxury Rehab Centre in Mayfair, London, our team are highly skilled experts in their field, eminently knowledgeable about the risks and consequences of excessive alcohol use. We offer alcohol detox services with the utmost respect to one’s privacy. In treating any addiction, care and compassion is at the forefront of our approach. One of our most important messages is that you don’t have to deal with this disease alone. As difficult as it is to break a dependency on alcohol, it is possible. Alcoholism is a treatable disease. The team at Addcounsel is made up of specialists boasting a wide range of skill sets, including psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, holistic therapists, and addiction specialists. Addcounsel offers fully comprehensive, individualised alcohol addiction treatment at a private, discreet location in central London.

Luxury One to One Alcohol Rehab in Central London

The diverse and highly qualified team at Addcounsel manage to provide world class clinical treatment for alcohol addiction on a one to one basis. The team have access to a generous range of proven and well established methods, techniques, and tools, to help in dealing with specific alcohol addiction symptoms in individuals.
The symptoms of alcohol addiction are dangerous to one’s mental and physical health. Some of the most common symptoms of alcoholism are; violent and extreme mood swings, taking part in risky behaviour that one wouldn’t normally do – such as driving under the influence, worrying or feeling anxious about where the next drink is going to come from, becoming shaky, angry, or irritable when you can’t have a drink, believing that alcohol helps you relax or unwind and deal with stressful situations, and being in denial about the frequency of your alcohol use.

At Addcounsel’s luxury rehab centre, clients are provided with all the available resources needed to resolve any potential underlying factors that could be triggering the client’s addiction. Those seeking help in treating their addiction will have a tailor mode approach applied to them, taking into account their own unique, individual circumstances.

Addcounsel’s alcoholism treatment service is private, discrete, and exclusive. Clients can rely on total on total confidentiality without judgment. The client is our number one priority, and we are expertly skilled in finding and resolving the root causes of the addiction issue. There is a shared understanding amongst our team that the client is not just the sum of their symptoms, but a person suffering. It is therefore our duty to look at the person as a whole and help resolve all issues that contribute to their suffering, not simply the symptoms or labels placed on alcoholism. It’s highly important that the reasons for the addiction and the function of alcohol in the clients life are examined closely, compassionately, and non-judgmentally.

During and Aftercare Treatment Programme

We are able to offer a program that is uniquely tailored to the client’s individual needs. The carefully chosen team guides clients through our specialised four-stage Recovery Route framework.

The first step is intervention. Members of the team meet with the clients family to figure out the optimum structure of the potential intervention route, making room for a smooth transition to the next stage – assessment.

The team carries out an intensive multi-disciplinary assessment drawn from psychological, therapeutic, and nutritional approaches and values, in order to obtain a clear understanding of the client’s individual circumstances. Having obtained this information, the response is a organising an extensive and bespoke care plan and a specialised team, so that the next stage – treatment – can be entered.

We have an extensive menu of treatment services available for clients. Working alongside the individual, we will be able to decide on the right empirically tested modalities to use, to ensure the best possible outcomes and set the client on the path to a sustained and long-lasting recovery. All our treatment modalities are applied with a focus on the client and their family.

At Addcounsel, we have ensured that there are comprehensive aftercare programmes in place in order to provide support for the client and their family once treatment is over and they begin the process of re-integration into their current lives. The aftercare programme we offer not only facilitates long term recovery maintenance, but also promote wellbeing and limits the chances of relapse.


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