Annika Lindberg


Annika specialises in Gambling addiction but has also worked extensively with chemical addictions, anxiety disorders and stress management. As part of her work with the above, she is well experienced in helping individuals with a background of trauma, low-self worth and significant relationship difficulties.

Annika is extremely passionate about her work and takes a keen interest in each client’s individual situation. She often can’t wait to get into problem-solving and readjusting unhelpful behaviours, negative thinking habits and other factors that are contributing to a less-than-optimal existence.

Annika uses evidence-based, highly effective methods that are derived from a variety of scientific models. Her work is mainly based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy/Metacognitive and ACT techniques but also integrates attachment psychology and other relevant therapeutic modalities depending on the needs of the client. In sessions, she spends a lot of time educating my clients about their problems and/or condition so that they will understand how to help themselves after our sessions come to an end. In her 20 years of working with addictions, she knows to deliver straight, honest and effective interventions with care and compassion as well as a sense of humour.

Career highlights:

  • 2004 qualified as Chartered Counselling Psychologist
  • Spent 3 years in Las Vegas 2004-2007 researching and working with Gambling addiction as part of a PhD program
  • Between 2009 and 2011 I was part of the small team of Psychologists who together with Dr Bowden-Jones started up the National Problem gambling clinic in London
  • 3 years at the Nightingale Hospital in London running an addiction group in the inpatient ward
  • 14 years in Private practice in London
  • 6 years of service at Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospital setting up and running a CBT service for
  • Doctors, Nurses and allied health professionals. This service is now part of their standard provision.
  • Creating and running 2 homeless programmes for Problem Gamblers in shelters in Westminster London.
  • Providing psychological therapy to the House of Parliament
  • Providing psychological and occupational health support and guidance to staff at Cameron Mackintosh LTD.