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Refer To Us

Addcounsel is the first healthcare company in the UK to pioneer the one-patient at-a-time treatment approach for addictive and mental health disorders. We deliver services for our clients in discreet residential properties with all the infrastructure one would associate with a medical facility.

Addcounsel was created in the heart of London to leverage the undoubted benefits of being in Europe’s most culturally diverse city and provides unrivalled access to an exceptional pool of clinicians.

Our multi-disciplinary team draws upon some of the most highly skilled mental and physical health practitioners, including medical professionals such as consultant psychiatrists, physicians, and psychological and holistic therapists.

Why refer to Addcounsel?

Overseen by highly experienced Consultant Psychiatrists, we work with some of the most skilled addiction and mental health professionals in the UK to deliver a personalised program for each client who works with us. 

When we create our treatment plans, we consider the whole person, ensuring their mental, physical, and spiritual needs are met; there is no standardised approach, and every solution is different.

Addcounsel prides itself on providing our clients with the following:

  1. Kindness & compassion for the individual and their families.
  2. Absolute privacy and discretion are assured.
  3. A safe environment that conforms to CQC and NICE guidelines
  4. An approach that is innovative and responsive to the needs of the patient
  5. Access to CEO or Medical Director within 24 hours of initial contact.

Working in partnership

Addcounsel collaborates with other treatment providers, including case managers and healthcare establishments. We are collaborative, responsive and committed to providing the best solution possible. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about what you do and how we can support you. 

Addcounsel are working to help people live more fulfilling lives, so it’s essential whatever we propose is the right thing to do; we work closely with you to get the best possible outcomes for your clients. 

In our experience, robust aftercare programmes help people achieve the optimum long-term outcome and better quality of life.

We are here to help