Our Team

'It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.' – Henry S. Truman

The combined strength of our multidisciplinary team sets us apart and ensures we provide the best treatment possible.

Our team is made of medical and healthcare specialists with backgrounds in Psychiatry, Hepatology, Functional and General Medicine.

Additionally, we have those with specific experience in:

Each person has been chosen based on their experience and knowledge of behavioural health and sub sectors of these areas, The structure of the team is supported by an Integrated Governance Committee, which is made up of the following:

This group is responsible for overseeing Addcounsel’s clinical governance and supports the service in ensuring it exceeds CQC fundamental principles of care.

We have had over 100 onboarded and carefully vetted consultants as part of our team. We have included a small selection of our team.


Dr. Richard Sherry

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Functional and Bio Regulatory Medicine

Rick Miller

Functional Nutrition & Dietician

Psychotherapists and Specialist Consultants

Michael Foy


Tricia Bowie-Phillips

Systemic Psychotherapist

Afirah Azmi


Our Clinical, Medical and Therapeutic associates will only be able to work with our clients upon being able to demonstrate they are fully compliant with the CQC’s safeguarding  guidelines.

For further information please contact our team.