How the Addcounsel Luxury Rehab in London Differs From Conventional Drug and Alcohol Rehabs?

Addcounsel provides a bespoke programme, tailored to the individual needs of the patient. Unlike many standard treatment centres which offer primary care treatment for a set 28 days, we will assess the patients needs and decide with them a timeframe that works. We will provide world-class care for as long as a patient needs to recover meaningfully, successfully and with confidence.

A choice of luxury rehab accommodation in London:

A conventional rehab facility will be located in one specific place where you will spend the duration of your stay. With our luxury rehab in London we are able to offer you the choice of many different elegant and discreet choices of accommodation which you can choose from, depending on what style and size of accommodation you require for your stay.

Over 60 multi-disciplinary specialists:

Most rehabs have limited resources, only able to use the therapists they have contracted to work in their facilities. We have access to over 60 multi-disciplinary specialists. We carry out an intensive multi-disciplinary assessment to obtain a detailed understanding of the patients situation which will include: a Psychiatric assessment; a Psycho social assessment; Genetic Testing; a Major Physical health analysis – MRI, Ultrasounds, Fitness and capacity assessments and Physical and psychological assessments. We then give a full diagnostic and reporting and respond with a care plan and team of multilingual specialists in psychiatry, psychology, functional medicine, neuroscience, nutrition, and holistic complementary therapies. We have one of the World’s most extensive menus of treatment services and we deliver our care plan with the focus on the patient and their family.

Discreet one-to-one care at a luxury rehab in central London:

In most conventional rehabs patients are treated in a multi-person clinic within a group therapy setting. We understand how important your anonymity is and the need for discretion. This is why we treat just you. The only people you will come into contact with during your stay with us will be our dedicated group of people, there to support you and your family. No groups, no other patients. We operate with complete discretion, safeguarding our clients’ privacy at all times.

Flexible international aftercare:

After treatment at a standard rehab facility, you would most likely be offered a certain aftercare programme that consisted of group therapy one day a week at the rehab centre where you were treated. Our aftercare here at Addcounsel, as part of our Recovery Route, is drawn from a carefully curated menu of services to support and sustain long term recovery. This includes on a weekly basis but is not limited to: Recovery Management; contact with a Mental health nurse; Clinical Psychologist appointments; Psychiatric input; contact with the Clinical Director who will be the leading on your case management; a dietary review; 24/7 urgent care response; international relocation services and support; community support and re-integration; academic tutoring and career preparation; life skills coaching as well as an international companion should you need one whilst travelling abroad.

24/7 live in care:

We provide a full concierge service to include the following: House staff & butler; private chef who will provide a bespoke menu daily comprised of nutritionally balanced meals to suit special medical, dietary and religious requirements; chauffeur service; chaperone; perimeter and close protection security, as well as our medical staff who will be on call 24/7. At a conventional rehab you are often expected to do your own household chores and the staff, such as support workers, that are available to you will be shared between the others in treatment.

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