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Heroin addiction is a chronic and severe condition affecting millions worldwide. Heroin addicts experience various physical and psychological symptoms, such as euphoria, sedation, respiratory depression, and mental fog. Over time, the repeated use of heroin can lead to tolerance, dependence, and addiction, making it challenging for you to quit on your own. However, with proper treatment for heroin, recovery is possible.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, you don’t have to go through this alone. Our seasoned experts have developed a “whole person” approach to the treatment of drug addiction, addressing not just the symptoms but the underlying causes that led to addiction in the first place. We help you develop effective, lifelong strategies for coping and self-management, to ensure a sustained recovery.

We provide expert treatment for a wide range of drug addictions, including cocaine, heroincannabis, and prescription drugs.

Our dedicated team will help and guide you through the entire process from start to finish, in the comfort and anonymity of our discreet and private drug rehabilitation facility in Mayfair, London.

Here are some of the most frequent questions about cocaine rehab and treatment facilities while highlighting how to treat cocaine addiction.

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Overcoming Heroin Addiction: Effective Treatment Options

Heroin addiction is a severe and debilitating condition. It is a chronic disease that alters the brain’s chemistry and affects the person’s behaviour, making quitting difficult without proper treatment. Fortunately, effective treatment options are available if you are struggling with heroin addiction.

Heroin addiction is characterised by physical and psychological dependence on the drug. Heroin addicts experience intense cravings, withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit, and a strong compulsion to use the drug despite negative consequences. The addiction can quickly spiral out of control, leading to severe health problems, including overdose and death.

Seeking Professional Help

The first step to overcoming heroin addiction is to seek professional help. A healthcare professional or addiction specialist can assess the severity of the addiction and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.


Heroin detox is the process of removing a drug from the body. Detoxification can be a challenging process that often involves uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. However, medical detoxification can help ease the symptoms and make the process more comfortable. Medications such as buprenorphine and methadone can manage withdrawal symptoms and reduce the intensity of cravings.


Counselling is another essential component of heroin addiction treatment. It can help identify the underlying causes of your addiction, helping you to develop coping skills to manage triggers and stressors and learn healthy behaviours to replace drug use. Individual, group, and family therapy can all effectively treat heroin addiction.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a comprehensive approach to treating heroin addiction that involves using medications and counselling. MAT combines medicine to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms with counselling and behavioural therapies to help you develop coping skills and prevent relapse.

Overcoming heroin addiction is challenging but possible with the proper treatment. Seeking professional help, detoxification, counselling, and medication-assisted therapy are all effective options for managing heroin addiction. With the appropriate support, anyone can overcome addiction and live a healthy, fulfilling life.

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Breaking Free: Understanding the Symptoms of Heroin Withdrawal

Heroin withdrawal is a challenging and uncomfortable process that can make it difficult for an addict to quit using the drug. Understanding the symptoms of heroin withdrawal can help prepare you for what to expect during the detoxification process.

The most common symptoms of heroin withdrawal include the following:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Sweating
  • Runny nose and watery eyes
  • Anxiety and restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Depression and irritability
  • Strong cravings for heroin

The intensity and duration of withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on the individual. Some people may experience mild symptoms that last a few days, while others may have severe symptoms that last several weeks. Medical detoxification can ease the symptoms and make the process more comfortable.

The Road to Recovery: How Long Will Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

The duration of heroin withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on the individual’s addiction and the treatment approach. Withdrawal symptoms typically last 3-5 days but can sometimes persist for several weeks.

The severity and duration of withdrawal symptoms depend on your addiction history, the period of use, and the method of use. Factors such as age, sex, overall health, and mental health can also affect the duration of withdrawal symptoms.

Get heroin addiction help with Addcounsel

At Addcounsel, we offer individualized treatment plans for the treatment of Heroin Addiction that include medication-assisted treatment, therapy, and support groups. Our evidence-based therapies, including CBT and motivational interviewing, will help you build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. We also offer family support services to help loved ones understand addiction and learn how to support their loved ones through the recovery process.

This rehabilitation process is delivered with utmost discretion and anonymity is assured. We also offer a range of bespoke aftercare programs to ensure you have the tools you or your loved one needs to achieve long-term recovery and live a more fulfilling life.

Contact us today to speak with one of our addiction specialists and learn more about our treatments for Heroin Addiction.

Frequently asked questions

If you have tried to stop a behaviour or habit and cannot, despite the negative impact it is having on your life then it is likely that you may need clinical intervention. Additionally, if a mental health condition is affecting the quality of your life then we can also help you.
If in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Addcounsel are the only luxury treatment centre in London who offer a network of 80 specialists on a one-to-one basis to their clients. We pride ourselves on focussing on clinical excellence, meaning that we are client focussed but results driven. We understand what it is to work with wealthy clients; we know that it is not always easy and we know how to treat the complex and unique challenges it can entail.
We carry out a thorough diagnosis with our team of expert medical and psychiatric practitioners; this enables us to not only know what the client’s immediate problem is but the underlying factors which may be affecting it. We use this to provide a bespoke holistic treatment program in which every single aspect of the client is looked after, from their physical to their mental health. We are well equipped to match both our clients therapeutic and lifestyle needs, and we provide ongoing care plans with the goal of enabling our clients to have long lasting and consistent recovery.

Our treatment programs are delivered on a case-by-case basis. Humans are all individuals, and at Addcounsel we recognise that. This is why our program is always tailored to the needs of the client as a person, rather than trying to apply a “one-size-fits-all” treatment model. However, some of the therapies our clients can expect to receive are:

  • Psychotherapy
  • EMDR
  • Family Systems Therapy
  • Spiritual counselling
  • Mindfulness
  • RTMS
  • Somantic Experiencing
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT
  • Positive psychology
  • Hypnotherapy

In short, no. Our staff are very experienced in dealing with high-profile individuals and as such we understand the value of complete privacy. The only way that someone will find out that you attended Addcounsel is if you choose to tell them.

Our treatment programs are bespoke, and as such they do not have to have a set finish date. If you decide that you need to extend your stay with us, then we will extend your stay as long as you want.
If you decide that you need additional help upon leaving treatment, we offer tailored aftercare plans which can be carried out all over the world. This means that at any point you can have a member of our team with you, wherever you decide to go.

Absolutely. At Addcounsel, we pride ourselves on minimal disruption to the lifestyles of our clients. We want them to feel at home and comfortable during their time with us, so your staff can either stay with you or we can accommodate them in one of our exclusive Central London properties. We do provide a chef, but you are of course welcome to bring your own.
Addcounsel is also able to provide house staff, butlers, and private security if our clients require it.

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