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There is no fast and easy solution to recovery from any mental health condition. The process can be challenging, but for many people it is the most rewarding experience of their life. This can be true for you too. At Addcounsel, we are always striving to be up to date with the newest technologies, and we look for ways to increase your comfort and ease during recovery. That’s why we have incorporated genetic testing, or DNA testing, into our therapy repertoire.

Genetic testing allows you to identify and understand any predisposition you hold for psychiatric or physical health conditions. Armed with this information, our experts can advise you how to alter your lifestyle in a way to reduce the risk of harm. Through this cutting edge technology, we can discover your inherent stress reaction. This allows us to gauge your likelihood of developing mental illness.

The process of genetic testing identifies any changes in DNA and chromosomal sequences in the human genome. Any two human genomes are very closely matched, but if we look at the 0.1 percent variation between individuals, we can understand whether you are at risk of substance addiction.

We live in a world with extraordinary levels of science at our fingertips. We use this to your advantage and offer a treatment method which can understand and recognise the genetics behind mental health conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.
We use genetic testing in combination with other therapies and treatments at Addcounsel. We know that mental health and addiction are complex disorders and recovery requires a multi-faceted approach. How genetics impact mental health is still being researched, and we keep up to date with all new developments in this area to offer the most comprehensive and informed service we can.

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How Genetic Testing Works

It can be tempting to attribute all responsibility for our mental health condition to our genes. This is an unhelpful way to look at things as we know recovery is most successful when a sense of agency is harnessed. There are usually a combination of factors contributing to our mental health, and trying to maintain perspective on this can help to manage your expectations. For example, environmental conditions, such as trauma, toxic relationships, or stressful life events can impact your likelihood for developing mental health conditions or substance abuse.

However, we know that somewhere between 40 and 60 percent of your predisposition to developing substance abuse is down to genes. We take this information and use it to help us provide a comprehensive treatment plan for you and your condition.

Through this technology, we understand that specific genes are related to specific addictions. We know that a gene related to the dopamine receptor has a high prevalence in individuals who experience alcohol or cocaine abuse. In addition, we know that low levels of a protein coding gene which has links to epilepsy, are more likely to be found in individuals who have a cannabis addiction.

After you undergo our simple DNA tests, the lab provides detailed information for our highly skilled team members to interpret. They can identify specific genetic markers you may be displaying for mental health disorders, in addition to how your body might respond to various psychiatric medications.

We take this information and combine it with the context of your life: your mental health symptoms, physical health history, and environmental factors. This combination enables you to make informed and productive decisions about your health and recovery.

How Genetic Testing Can Help You

At Addcounsel, we take a multifaceted approach in diagnosing and treating your mental health. We gather information about your life, family history, and health history and combine it with data from medical tests, including genetic testing. This combination of information builds a full picture of you, and helps us reach a definitive diagnosis.
Genetic testing increases the chances of getting an accurate diagnosis the first time you come to see us. This means you don’t need to waste any more of your precious time, you have a life ahead of you, and our mission is to get you there as soon and safely as possible.
Through this cutting edge medical technology, together we can understand how likely you are to respond successfully to the medications used to treat mental illness such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, and many other psychological disorders.
In addition, through this information you can understand what is a safe dose for these medications, which you should avoid, and which are likely to cause difficult or dangerous side effects.
Prior to this cutting edge, non-invasive testing method, finding the correct medication to ease your recovery process could be a long and arduous process of trial and error. Through this technique, we can understand how your body metabolises substances and get you on the right track in an efficient manner.

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Through genetic testing you can increase your chances of a sustained and full recovery through a better understanding of your body and condition. Furthermore, it emphasises that your inherited genes do not write your path. You can change your futures and arm yourself with knowledge and techniques in the face of mental illness.

Addcounsel is London’s most exclusive mental health and addiction recovery centre. We are committed to providing medical excellence and quality care for everyone who walks through our doors. We pride ourselves on our diverse and highly skilled team of medics and therapists, who are trained in specific treatments and conditions. This allows us to feel confident we are giving you the highest level of specialised care you deserve.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have tried to stop a behaviour or habit and cannot, despite the negative impact it is having on your life then it is likely that you may need clinical intervention. Additionally, if a mental health condition is affecting the quality of your life then we can also help you.
If in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Addcounsel are the only luxury treatment centre in London who offer a network of 80 specialists on a one-to-one basis to their clients. We pride ourselves on focussing on clinical excellence, meaning that we are client focussed but results driven. We understand what it is to work with wealthy clients; we know that it is not always easy and we know how to treat the complex and unique challenges it can entail.
We carry out a thorough diagnosis with our team of expert medical and psychiatric practitioners; this enables us to not only know what the client’s immediate problem is but the underlying factors which may be affecting it. We use this to provide a bespoke holistic treatment program in which every single aspect of the client is looked after, from their physical to their mental health. We are well equipped to match both our clients therapeutic and lifestyle needs, and we provide ongoing care plans with the goal of enabling our clients to have long lasting and consistent recovery.

Our treatment programs are delivered on a case-by-case basis. Humans are all individuals, and at Addcounsel we recognise that. This is why our program is always tailored to the needs of the client as a person, rather than trying to apply a “one-size-fits-all” treatment model. However, some of the therapies our clients can expect to receive are:

  • Psychotherapy
  • EMDR
  • Family Systems Therapy
  • Spiritual counselling
  • Mindfulness
  • RTMS
  • Somantic Experiencing
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT
  • Positive psychology
  • Hypnotherapy

In short, no. Our staff are very experienced in dealing with high-profile individuals and as such we understand the value of complete privacy. The only way that someone will find out that you attended Addcounsel is if you choose to tell them.

Our treatment programs are bespoke, and as such they do not have to have a set finish date. If you decide that you need to extend your stay with us, then we will extend your stay as long as you want.
If you decide that you need additional help upon leaving treatment, we offer tailored aftercare plans which can be carried out all over the world. This means that at any point you can have a member of our team with you, wherever you decide to go.

Absolutely. At Addcounsel, we pride ourselves on minimal disruption to the lifestyles of our clients. We want them to feel at home and comfortable during their time with us, so your staff can either stay with you or we can accommodate them in one of our exclusive Central London properties. We do provide a chef, but you are of course welcome to bring your own.
Addcounsel is also able to provide house staff, butlers, and private security if our clients require it.

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