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Private Gambling Addiction Treatment That Focuses on Treating the Whole Person

At Addcounsel, we understand the impact of gambling addiction and how it impacts everyday life. Without the appropriate treatment, gambling addiction will compromise interpersonal relations, wreak economic havoc, and eventually severely impact mental health. 

Many individuals addicted to gambling report experiencing stress-related symptoms, mood swings, anxiety disorders, suicidal ideation, and extremely low self-worth. 

You don’t have to go through this alone. Our specialists have developed a “whole person” approach to gambling addiction treatment, addressing your condition’s symptoms, triggers, and causes. We’ll help you develop effective, lifelong strategies to manage your gambling addiction, ensuring long-term recovery.

Our dedicated team will guide you through the entire private gambling addiction treatment process from start to finish in the comfort and anonymity of your own discreet, luxury rehabilitation accommodations in Mayfair, Chelsea, Knightsbridge or Notting Hill, London.

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Understanding Gambling Addiction

What is gambling addiction? 

Gambling addiction, often called compulsive gambling, is a brain disorder that worsens progressively over time. Gambling addiction is a behavioural addiction which induces a powerful urge to gamble despite the consequences, regardless of whether an individual desperately wants to stop. Many gambling addicts, some of whom have shown immense self-discipline and leadership in business, are unable to quit gambling unaided, repeatedly relapsing into old behaviours.

Gambling addiction has been added to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5-TR) as an addictive disorder. Compulsive gambling disorder has been recognised as hijacking the human brain’s reward centre in the same way drugs, alcohol, food, sex, and porn addictions do. For some individuals, gambling will develop into dependency and then addiction.

How is gambling misused?

Gambling is essentially risking something of value for a greater reward, which for most casual gamblers, will have no consequences other than a fleeting sensation of elation usually followed quite rapidly by disappointment. Most occasional gamblers can stop whenever they choose to; some may bet once or twice a year on an important football match or other sporting event. For the majority, it’s a harmless recreational activity indulged in spontaneously but infrequently. However, some ultra-high-net-worth individuals will find themselves misusing gambling. The habit may become entrenched insidiously over a period of time. They may have started gambling to numb or relieve intense stress and anxiety, which can be achieved through the adrenaline rush, which comes as an immediate result of placing a bet, speculating or a ‘near miss’.

A person misusing gambling may start to gamble way more than they’d planned to, hiding this fact from loved ones and close associates. The individual concerned may raise the stakes and engage in riskier behaviours to recapture the same stress arousal or thrill experienced when they first started gambling. If this behaviour continues, it could lead to dependency.

When an individual has developed a dependency/addiction to gambling, obsessive and compulsive thinking about the next “hit” will be all-consuming. Trust and intimacy in a marriage, business associations, and assets may be jeopardised, and hard-earned reputations lost to continue with problem gambling. At Addcounsel, we know how challenging it is to quit gambling and embark on the road to recovery.

Addcounsel is London’s only luxury addiction clinic facility that provides

Addcounsel’s Approach to Gambling Addiction

When you check in to one of our private and discreet rehabilitation clinics, you’ll embark upon a personalised private gambling addiction treatment programme tailored to your needs. We offer luxury private accommodation for the duration of your stay, with 24/7 access to a team of world-class experts headed by one of the UK’s leading psychiatrists and a compassionate and understanding approach to finding the solution which works for you.

Our integrative team is made up of a group of dedicated psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and nutritionists who are all here to help you on your journey to recovery. We combine our team’s expertise to provide a multidisciplinary approach to gambling addiction treatment, fusing therapy, and alternative treatment to begin your long-term recovery.

Addcounsel’s team of experts will assess any factors that might have caused your gambling addiction to develop. We will leverage the world’s most extensive menu of treatment services to help you recover and create a robust aftercare programme to support reintegration into your family and lifestyle. 

Your luxury treatment occurs in an intimate, one-to-one setting – no groups or other patients. Your comfort, safety and privacy are our priority. Contact us today to start your recovery journey.

Contact us today to start your recovery journey from the comfort and anonymity of our discreet, luxury rehabilitation accommodations in Mayfair, Chelsea, Knightsbridge or Notting Hill, London.

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