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Due to the public perception that wealthy people “have it all”, can sometimes make it even more difficult for them to seek treatment for mental health or addiction problems. However these issues do not discriminate. In fact alcoholism, addiction and mental health issues are just as prevalent among high net worth individuals as anyone else. Many busy CEOs, entrepreneurs, high-profile celebrities and athletes suffer regularly from anxiety, depression and burnout due to the enormous pressures they face in their daily lives. Addiction is also extremely common as these individuals reach for aides to self-medicate their feelings of stress and anxiety.
If you fall into this demographic, it’s important to know that early intervention is key. The best way to help yourself recover is to access treatment, as these conditions rarely get better on their own. However, before you do, make sure you understand what the best treatment for your individual needs looks like. Even if money is no object, many treatment centres fall short of the promises that they offer.

If you are ready for treatment, make sure you access one that truly understands your own individual needs. Every person is different, as are their specific conditions and ways they will be impacted from them. At Addcounsel’s central London rehab we understand that each individual presents with distinct problems and symptoms and our team of psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, therapists and ad-diction specialists will work together with you to offer you a offer fully comprehensive, personalised service.

Before you decide where to go for treatment, write a list of the most important qualities you are looking for. For example, the length of stay. How long do you need? Standard treatment centres offer a 28 day programme, but at Addcounsel we will completely tailor the length of your stay to accommodate you requirements.

Is privacy paramount? We understand that for a lot of high net worth clients, security and privacy are non negotiable. That’s why at our luxury, central London location you can be assured of complete anonymity. Unlike most rehabs, all of our treatment is one to one, we don’t have any group therapy. We operate with complete discretion, safeguarding our clients’ privacy at all times.

If you know that you are going to require a medical detox, we have 24/7 medically assisted care, which means that you will be given medication to help with any discomfort experienced from withdrawal and you will be monitored by our expert medical team day and night whilst going through the detox period.
Do you think that you will need help with more than just one mental health condition, or one addiction? We understand that most people are a complex puzzle and it is very rare that anyone presents with just one stand alone condition. We have a fully comprehensive and informed team of specialists which will thoroughly assess all health needs. You will receive a detailed physical, psychiatric and nutritional assessment which will include an MRI brain scan, an ultrasound, blood tests and essential functional and biological screenings and assessments. Once we have assessed your physical, mental and nutritional health we will have built up an extensive picture of you as a person and any presenting disorder and we can then draw on the expertise of our professional teal of medical and therapeutic professionals to assess your habits and to propose a range of treatments to restore your health and wellbeing.

Often, one of the greatest worries high net worth clients have before entering rehab is whether they will be able to continue with their work. Most other treatment centres will make you hand over your phone and laptop when you arrive. Addcounsel understands that for most of our clients, total disconnection is not possible. You will have access to what you need to work and we will help make sure that nothing overly affected by your need to seek treatment.

Lastly, as we are a specialised service there is a high demand for our service, however – as soon as you call to enquire, we will do everything to ensure you don’t need to to go on a waiting list at our private London treatment centre.


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