Exclusive One to One Drug Addiction Rehab in Mayfair, London

Private Drug Addiction Rehab in London

Addcounsel offers world class private drug addiction rehabilitation in Central London. They provide a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary programme for anyone suffering from addiction problems. The CEO of their team is the head of a high net worth family who brings both professional knowledge and personal understanding to the challenge of creating a bespoke approach to treatment. They have the capability to orchestrate a tailored programme that considers the complexities of a wealthy, internationally dispersed, and culturally disparate group that requires significant levels of financial and operational resource. They operate with complete discretion, and safeguard privacy at all times. They provide people with the chance of a better tomorrow, through an intensive programme of care and treatment, delivered on a one-to-one basis.

Drug Addiction Treatment Centre

Whether you are looking for rehab for a particular drug addiction, such as a cocaine addiction rehab, Addcounsel strives to deliver the highest levels of care and treatment, unrivalled by any other service provider in the world. As a CQC regulated private healthcare company they adhere to ethical best practice and NICE guidelines. They place an emphasis on ensuring an innovative, open-minded approach to treatment, and sustainable long-term recovery and embrace governance frameworks to ensure a world-class level of service excellence.
Addcounsel provides a bespoke programme of drug addiction treatment in London. This is tailored to the individual needs of the patient. They harness a world-class collective of carefully chosen specialists to guide patients step-by-step through a four-stage Recovery Route framework which consists of meeting with the family to structure the appropriate intervention route and also enabling a smooth transition for their loved one’s journey into treatment. This can be done in voluntary or crisis situations. They then provide individualised treatment approaches to rehabilitation from drug addiction as well as one-to-one care. Each patient will then have an appropriately matched medical, clinical and therapeutic team of specialists to facilitate their care.
Addcounsel can offer a number of different programmes to fit the individual’s needs. The Premium Programme is the most comprehensive plan available. From stabilisation through to spiritual wellbeing, every element of the programme is individually tailored, ensuring each patient’s personal needs are met and a pathway to long term, sustainable recovery is created. This programme includes a bespoke one-to-one care plan, private accommodation, 24 hour live-in therapeutic and nursing staff, appropriately matched medical, clinical, and therapeutic team, a recovery manager and chaperone, chauffeur service, a personal chef, a personal trainer, a mindfulness practitioner, a nutritionist and dietitian as well as many leisure activities.
Once the preliminaries have been carried out, the patients will also undertake a variety of in-depth assessments to obtain a detailed patient profile which enables Addcounsel to create a bespoke care plan tailored to meet the exact healthcare needs of each patient. The assessments included within Addcounsel’s private drug rehabilitation treatment include: a psychiatric assessment, a psycho social assessment, a physical health screening and diagnostic, Brain Electrical Activity Mapping (BEAM), a functional and bio regulatory medicine assessment and a  43-point health screening. All assessments will be followed with a full diagnostic and reporting from which bespoke treatment and care plan will be created.
Addcounsel places people and relationships at the heart of everything they do. They ensure respect, kindness, and clarity throughout the whole course of your private drug addiction treatment in London.

A Luxury Drug Rehab in Central London

As well as offering world class clinicians, specialists and treatment, Addcounsel is the most luxurious drug rehab in London. The patient’s treatment will take place in fully serviced, private, luxury accommodation discreetly located in either Mayfair, Belgravia, Hyde Park or Knightsbridge. Their properties range from 3-bedroom apartments to 8 bedroom houses and provide space for staff and family members. Each property has been handpicked to provide the highest level of comfort and privacy during treatment. Within each property they provide a full range of concierge services which include house staff, chauffeur services, perimeter and close protection security as well as a private chef who will prepare and serve healthy, balanced daily meals.

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