Private Arabic Rehab and Mental Health Services

Elite Arabic rehab and private mental health service in Mayfair, Central London

Addcounsel is now able to offer our private luxury rehab service to elite Arabs living, working and visiting the UK and Europe. Our Arabic service is delivered between our clinic and a number of carefully selected luxury properties.

We are the only luxury rehab in London that has Arabic speaking services providing complete anonymity and looking after only one client at a time. We also have 24/7 medically led Arabic speaking care within totally private accommodation. We can also provide Bio Chemical Restoration for Arabic speakers and have services for elite Arabs over the age of 16.

We understand the need to acknowledge cultural and religious differences when treating clients from Arabic countries. Consequently we have undertaken extensive research to find the best team of Arabic speaking experts. Many of our guests have come from the UAE and the Gulf States and we are aware that drug, alcohol and other addictions are currently on the rise in these Arabic countries but that, unlike here in the UK where stigma is falling, addiction remains heavily stigmatised. For this reason we want you to rest assured that every Arab will be treated with complete discretion and without judgement.

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Exclusive alcohol addiction treatment for Arabs in a discrete London rehab

We have a team of Arabic speaking addiction specialists based in central London. Our Arabic team in Mayfair are fully informed of all possible risks associated with excess drinking. We understand the dangers, but we are also able to help treat them. As an privileged Arab in London it may seem difficult to know where to turn, however – you no longer have to deal with your problem drinking alone.

Alcoholism is treatable and our expert Arabic team comprised of psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, therapists and addiction specialists, offer fully comprehensive, individualised alcohol ad-diction treatment specifically tailored to our select Arabic clients.

Exclusive and Private Arabic Treatment for Drug Addiction

Our diverse and highly qualified Arabic team are able to deliver world class clinical treatment for elite Arabs in the UK and Europe suffering with drug addiction. We have access to one of the widdest ranges of proven and established techniques and tools to help you deal with your drug addiction symptoms.

Our Arabic speaking specialists at Addcounsel have extensive clinical knowledge in the treatment of a plethora of drug addictions. You can rest assured that during your stay with us, you will be given every available resource to resolve all underlying causes that may be triggering your drug addiction.

We understand that each individual Arab speaker will present with distinct problems and symptoms and we work together with you to offer you a personalised service tailored specifically for our special Arabic speaking clients.

Bespoke Arabic Eating Disorder Treatment

When an Arab suffers with eating disorders, they will have unhealthy habits around food and eating. These habits may include: binge eating with or without vomiting; eating in secret or struggling to eat in front of the people; restricting the amount of food they eat, or only eating from specific food groups and finally abusing laxatives and/or diuretics.

Our Arabic experts at Addcounsel know how difficult it is to seek help for an eating disorder, let alone when you are far from your home country. However it is important that you understand that as an Arab in London you have a safe, discrete and non judgemental place where you can seek professional help. We have access to an Arabic team of leading eating disorder experts and we recognise just how important it is to access each individual’s case as unique to themselves. There-fore we tailor each programme to precisely suit each Arabic patient and their family. We know from experience that individualised treatment results in the most positive outcome.

Private Mental Health Treatment for Arabic Speakers in London

Mental Health is a broad term that covers a spectrum of different conditions including: depression; anxiety disorders; trauma; burn-out; stress; chronic pain; low self-esteem and many more. As a privileged Arab abroad it is normal that your emotional state may fluctuate. Feeling worried and anxious when living and working in a new country is totally normal. However, these emotional states should be temporary. If the negative emotional state remains for a prolonged period of time, it may be an indicator of a more serious mental health condition.

Addcounsel now offer a discreet and exclusive private mental health treatment which is now expressly tailored for elite Arabic speaking clients. Understanding the differences in cultures has been vitally important for us when considering the treatment of Arabic speaking clients in London. We fully understand that while the stigma in the UK has been decreasing over the past few years, in Arabic countries, mental health conditions are still highly stigmatised. Many individuals believe that mental health issues are a result of evil spirits and will seek help from healers instead of get-ting professional psychiatric help. We are able to offer a service whereby Arabic healers can feel confident enough in our approach and insight into the culture, to refer individuals to us for treattment.

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Addiction and mental health can affect anyone. They are complex conditions, but with the right help they are entirely treatable. If your life is being affected negatively by any of these conditions, please do not hesitate to contact Addcounsel now.