signs of gambling addiction

Identifying the Signs of a Gambling Addiction

Sometimes called ‘pathological gambling,’ gambling addiction can affect anyone, no matter their walk of life or financial status. Here in the UK, it is one of the more common and less-discussed addictions. Opportunities to gamble are omnipresent – 54% of British adults gambled in 2018 – and the language of ‘responsible gaming’ that surrounds this …

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What are the Odds? Will Football Give Up Gambling?

It is now nearly impossible to watch a game of football without seeing logos of gambling websites on players’ shirts. In fact, 60% of top two division teams are sponsored by them. There is no doubt that sport and gambling are intrinsically linked, and have been forever. But has it become more sinister than the days of your grandfather going down to the bookies to lay a fiver on his favourite team?