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The Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol

Giving up alcohol can be challenging, but there are a whole range of benefits to quitting that can make the separation between you and your alcohol use feel less difficult and even highly rewarding. Here will explore some of the benefits you can expect to reap when you stop drinking.

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behavioural health

What is Behavioural Health?

Behavioural health is an all-encompassing term that refers to the scientific study of emotions, behaviours, and biology, and how these different concepts relate to an individual’s mental health, their overall sense of self-worth, and their ability to function in day to day life. Not to be confused with mental health, behavioural health includes more areas of concern that affect an individual’s overall mental and physiological health

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Addicted brain

Neuroscience and the Addicted Brain

Addiction is a neurobiological phenomenon that often leads to people feeling powerless over their own decisions. As addiction can form out of behavioural habits, as well as a chemical dependence to a substance, the issue itself is incredibly complex. Luckily, our understanding of addiction and how it affects our brains is actually very well researched.

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wealth can be traumatic

Can Wealth Be Traumatic?

Trauma is not typically something which people associate with wealth; frequently people assume that because people are wealthy that their lives are easy. However, modern research has shown that this is not in fact true, and that incidences of mental illness and addiction can be just as, or more so, prevalent in those who are wealthy than those who are not.

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Which rehab is best for me?

Rehab can be a very daunting prospect for those who are inexperienced with it; some people picture sitting around in groups talking, whilst some might think of a confrontational boot-camp experience where people are “broken down and built back up”. Whilst some places do practise these models, at Addcounsel we believe that that our client-focussed approach is what makes us so unique and effective.

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The Hidden Benefits of Rehab

If you ask most people what they think rehab consists of, they would tell you that it involves people sitting around in circles and receiving psychotherapy, with the aim of being abstinent from an addictive substance or behaviour. And whilst they may be right about the overall aim, there are many more benefits to rehab than simply quitting drugs, alcohol, or any other addiction.

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Stress and relapse

The Link Between Stress and Relapse

Stress. The word that no one likes, but everyone experiences. Mild stress is something most people encounter every day, be it an upcoming work deadline, a date with someone you really want to impress, or simply not knowing which outfit to wear out.

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Washing hands OCD

Understanding Compulsive Behaviour

In OCD sufferers it is thought that prolonged exposure to stress or trauma can cause these symptoms; in one study of Vietnam war veterans, those with a higher exposure to intense firefights were much more likely to suffer with the condition

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