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The Hidden Benefits of Rehab

If you ask most people what they think rehab consists of, they would tell you that it involves people sitting around in circles and receiving psychotherapy, with the aim of being abstinent from an addictive substance or behaviour. And whilst they may be right about the overall aim, there are many more benefits to rehab than simply quitting drugs, alcohol, or any other addiction.

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Stress and relapse

The Link Between Stress and Relapse

Stress. The word that no one likes, but everyone experiences. Mild stress is something most people encounter every day, be it an upcoming work deadline, a date with someone you really want to impress, or simply not knowing which outfit to wear out.

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Washing hands OCD

Understanding Compulsive Behaviour

In OCD sufferers it is thought that prolonged exposure to stress or trauma can cause these symptoms; in one study of Vietnam war veterans, those with a higher exposure to intense firefights were much more likely to suffer with the condition

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The History of the Addcounsel Family

Paul Flynn, founder and CEO of Addcounsel, Behavioural Wealth, and most recently Orchestrate Health, has been helping businesses grow for over 20 years. His rich experience and education in business has made him a key player in the development of effective mental and behavioural healthcare organisations.

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So, what is Kindness?

In a year that has seen the unfortunate passing of prominent T.V personality, Caroline Flack and the seismic impact of Coronavirus both to families and the aftershock to the economy, the concept of Kindness is a prescient choice by those behind Mental Health Awareness Week, which starts today.

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rTMS – a useful tool in treating cocaine addiction?

Cocaine is a drug that is extensively abused and is extremely addictive. Worldwide about £62 billion of cocaine is sold each year; around a million people in the UK take cocaine with up to 20% of users becoming dependent. There is no approved pharmacotherapy to treat addiction, and behavioural/psychological approaches generally have limited success.

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