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When we think of addiction, our minds tend to gravitate towards the most famous of its forms: alcohol and substances. But addiction isn’t bound to some form of drug; it can be found anywhere behavior is rewarded. The unpredictable highs of big gambling wins, the comfort of obsessive shopping, the endorphin rush of sex and love – even the nail-biting risks of cryptocurrency speculation – can slowly rewire our brains’ reward mechanisms to compel us into addiction.

While the stigma around alcohol abuse and drug addiction has lessened over time, there remains a great deal of scepticism around the ‘legitimacy’ of other forms of dependence. Chronic gamblers are often embarrassed by their compulsions, aware that they should, as they are often told, ‘just stop’. But the reality is far more complicated.

Addcounsel’s world-leading team of specialists are well-versed in the treatment of compulsive behaviour and behavioural addictions. From the privacy and safety of our private rehabilitation facility in Mayfair, London, clients receive one-to-one care from the best people in their fields, building a path to a life free from dependence.

The main behavioural addictions that people suffer from are:

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A Whole Person Approach to Treatment

There are a number of traits that tend to animate high-performance individuals – CEOs, athletes and other world-leading professionals. But perhaps the core trait is obsessiveness. The highest achievers pursue achievement, and the thrill that comes with it, compulsively.

However, these are the same traits that can result in behavioral addiction. Thrill-seeking, a compulsion towards pleasure and excitement, can lead to our becoming trapped in cycles of repetition. The daunting risks and enticing upsides of gambling and cryptocurrency speculation, the comfort of social media validation, even the joys of love and sex – all of these can mutate from harmless personal pursuits to all-consuming compulsions.

There is also the risk of cross-addiction. A compulsion to gamble small amounts of money can transform into risky speculation on other assets; an addiction to video games can bleed into other areas of life, transforming our relationships and habits and creating new compulsions in other areas.

This is why it is critical to address issues holistically. At Addcounsel, we look at the whole person, taking a broad approach backed by specialist expertise in a variety of complementary fields. At our luxury residential facility in Mayfair, London, a live-in therapist backed by a team of experts will guide you through your behavioural addiction treatment, aiding recovery and helping to building a new life free from dependence.

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Addcounsel is London’s only behavioural addiction specialist that provides:

Behavioural Addiction Treatment Tailored to You

When you check in to our discreet rehabilitation facility in Mayfair, London, you will be embarking upon a personalised behavioural addiction treatment programme tailored to your individual needs. We offer luxury private accommodation for the duration of your stay, with 24/7 access to a team of world-class experts headed by one of the UK’s leading psychiatrists.

Our multidisciplinary team boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise in every aspect of your recovery. Dedicated psychiatrists, nutritionists, therapists and addiction specialists will create a comprehensive process designed specifically for you. Our focus isn’t just on your mind; we understand the important roles that genetics, nutrition and lifestyle can play in the development of addiction, and in the process of recovery.

Experts will assess the factors that led to your behavioural addiction, leverage the world’s most extensive menu of treatment services to help you recover, and create a robust aftercare programme to support re-integration into your family and lifestyle.

Our behavioural addiction treatment takes place in an intimate, one-to-one setting – no groups, no other patients. Your comfort, safety and privacy are our priority.

Frequently asked questions

If you have tried to stop a behaviour or habit and cannot, despite the negative impact it is having on your life then it is likely that you may need clinical intervention. Additionally, if a mental health condition is affecting the quality of your life then we can also help you.
If in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Addcounsel are the only luxury treatment centre in London who offer a network of 80 specialists on a one-to-one basis to their clients. We pride ourselves on focussing on clinical excellence, meaning that we are client focussed but results driven. We understand what it is to work with wealthy clients; we know that it is not always easy and we know how to treat the complex and unique challenges it can entail.
We carry out a thorough diagnosis with our team of expert medical and psychiatric practitioners; this enables us to not only know what the client’s immediate problem is but the underlying factors which may be affecting it. We use this to provide a bespoke holistic treatment program in which every single aspect of the client is looked after, from their physical to their mental health. We are well equipped to match both our clients therapeutic and lifestyle needs, and we provide ongoing care plans with the goal of enabling our clients to have long lasting and consistent recovery.

Our treatment programs are delivered on a case-by-case basis. Humans are all individuals, and at Addcounsel we recognise that. This is why our program is always tailored to the needs of the client as a person, rather than trying to apply a “one-size-fits-all” treatment model. However, some of the therapies our clients can expect to receive are:

  • Psychotherapy
  • EMDR
  • Family Systems Therapy
  • Spiritual counselling
  • Mindfulness
  • RTMS
  • Somantic Experiencing
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT
  • Positive psychology
  • Hypnotherapy

In short, no. Our staff are very experienced in dealing with high-profile individuals and as such we understand the value of complete privacy. The only way that someone will find out that you attended Addcounsel is if you choose to tell them.

Our treatment programs are bespoke, and as such they do not have to have a set finish date. If you decide that you need to extend your stay with us, then we will extend your stay as long as you want.
If you decide that you need additional help upon leaving treatment, we offer tailored aftercare plans which can be carried out all over the world. This means that at any point you can have a member of our team with you, wherever you decide to go.

Absolutely. At Addcounsel, we pride ourselves on minimal disruption to the lifestyles of our clients. We want them to feel at home and comfortable during their time with us, so your staff can either stay with you or we can accommodate them in one of our exclusive Central London properties. We do provide a chef, but you are of course welcome to bring your own.
Addcounsel is also able to provide house staff, butlers, and private security if our clients require it.

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