Behavioural Activation

If you’re living with depression, you might find you’ve lost interest in the activities you used to enjoy. You may no longer want to engage in the hobbies you used to love, spend time with friends, or pursue interests.

Inactivity is a common symptom of depression – and not something to be ashamed of. However, persistent inactivity can make depression symptoms worse, particularly if you have stopped doing activities that are meaningful to you.

Behavioural activation offers a way out of this cycle. It encourages you to start participating in activities again – even when you don’t want to – to improve symptoms of depression and in turn rediscover your interest in them.

At AddCounsel, our expert psychologists and psychiatrists will guide you through behavioural activation therapy in one-to-one sessions. Our holistic approach combines behavioural activation with other modules to offer a recovery program that treats the entire person, supporting long-term recovery. We offer continual assessment and analysis of your unique needs, ensuring we provide the perfect program for you.

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How Behavioural Activation Works

Research has shown that the way we feel and the things we do are connected. When we do activities we enjoy, spend time with people we connect with, and find ways to challenge ourselves, we tend to feel better.

Behavioural activity therapy supports you to make life meaningful and pleasurable again. By engaging in activities even when you don’t feel like it, you can begin a constructive healing cycle that lifts you out of depression.

Behavioural activity therapy usually involves the following steps:

  • Learning about how depression and inactivity can reinforce each other
  • Monitoring your daily activities to understand how mood and activity affect one another
  • Identifying the values and goals that are important to you
  • Scheduling and engaging in meaningful activities
  • Problem-solving to overcome any barriers to activity

Behavioural activity therapy is a component of cognitive-behavioural therapy but can be offered as a stand-alone treatment. It is an evidence-based technique with clinically proven effectiveness. By focusing on present thought and behavioural patterns, behavioural activity therapy supports meaningful and noticeable changes in real-time that persist long after the end of treatment.

How Behavioural Activation Can Help You

If you’ve been finding yourself doing little, without feeling a sense of meaning or purpose in life, behavioural activity therapy can help you to rediscover your passions. It can be an important step in reconnecting with your inner self, your interests, and your values, and then living a life that is meaningful to you.

An important part of behavioural activity therapy is exploring your values. Behavioural activity therapy can guide you to develop a clearer picture of what things are important to you and what activities may help you fulfil value-related goals. It also helps you identify goals that involve pleasurable activities and opportunities for growth. Behavioural activity therapy helps you to develop a lifestyle and routine that promotes these goals and leaves you feeling happy and fulfilled.

Remember, while behavioural activity therapy helps you develop a set of skills that help you overcome depression, there are many others available. Most people fit behavioural activity therapy into part of a wider recovery program that caters to their specific needs.

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Addcounsel offers private, luxury mental wellness treatments across central London. Our exclusive program draws on a world-leading range of treatment modalities, delivered by experts from around the world. Our ‘one client at a time’ ethos ensures that your experience is fully confidential, individualised, and suited to your unique needs.

We deliver our services from our modern central London facility, several carefully selected luxurious properties, and from the comfort of your home. As soon as you check into our facility, you have 24/7 access to our highly-trained specialists and exceptional support staff. We’re here to guide you on your personal journey of recovery, with privacy and comfort.

For our Arabic-speaking customers, we provide tailored services in your mother tongue to ensure the optimum level of understanding and communication. We bring in leading mental health experts from the Arabic-speaking world who have a developed understanding of the cultural context of mental health conditions and treatment. Our program is renowned, top-tier, and one-of-a-kind.

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