Private Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Private Alcohol Detox Treatment that Treats the Whole Person

At Addcounsel, we understand the impact that alcohol addiction can have on every facet of your life. Responsible drinking can be a harmless part of a healthy social life, but excessive use can lead to a pattern of compulsion and a loss of control over your drinking.

Long-term alcohol abuse can cause a wide variety of psychological, physical and behavioral problems: cirrhosis of the liver, certain cancers, anxiety, depression and a range of other mood disorders. Without rehabilitation treatment by trained professionals, alcohol dependency can result in significant consequences both for you, and for the people who love and depend on you.

You don’t have to go through this alone. Our seasoned experts have developed a “whole person” approach to the treatment of alcohol dependence, addressing not just the symptoms but the underlying causes that led to dependency in the first place. We help you develop effective, lifelong strategies for coping and self-management, to ensure a sustained recovery.

Our dedicated team will help and guide you through the entire bespoke alcohol detox process from start to finish, in the comfort and anonymity of our luxury, private alcohol addiction treatment accommodation in Mayfair, Chelsea, Knightsbridge or Notting Hill, London.

Addcounsel also provide private treatment for drug addictioneating disorders, and mental health conditions, including depression.

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The Reality of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is characterised by a loss of control over one’s alcohol consumption, which can quickly develop into a range of related problems. Consistent abuse of alcohol can result in violent and extreme mood swings, severe hangovers, partaking in dangerous behavior and a need to drink in order to feel ‘normal’. Without intervention and treatment, the psychological and physical risks multiply.

There are many widely-held misconceptions about alcohol and those suffering from alcohol addiction; for example, that alcoholics are simply lacking in willpower or discipline, or that only certain types of people are prone to abuse.

The reality is that the factors that can lead to alcohol abuse are too many to name – psychological, social, lifestyle and genetic components all have a part to play. Extremely successful and capable individuals can nonetheless find themselves using alcohol as a coping mechanism to deal with the stresses of a difficult professional or personal life. But this merely masks the underlying issues.

Anyone, from any background, can develop a compulsive relationship with alcohol. But with the right help and guidance, it is possible to recover from alcohol addiction and build a healthy, fulfilling future.

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Luxury Alcohol Addiction Treatment Tailored to You

When you check in to our discreet, luxury Mayfair rehabilitation facility, you will be embarking upon a personalised, bespoke alcohol addiction treatment programme tailored to your individual needs. We offer luxury private accommodation for the duration of your stay, with 24/7 access to a team of world-class experts headed by one of the UK’s leading psychiatrists.

Our multidisciplinary team boasts a wealth of knowledge and expertise in every aspect of your alcohol detox. Dedicated psychiatrists, nutritionists, therapists and dependency specialists will create a comprehensive process designed specifically for you. Our focus isn’t just on your mind; we understand the important roles that genetics, nutrition and lifestyle can play in the development of addiction, and in the process of recovery.

Experts will assess the factors that led to your dependency, leverage the world’s most extensive menu of treatment services to help you recover, and create a robust aftercare programme to support re-integration into your family and lifestyle.

Bespoke treatment for alcohol addiction is provided at our private, luxury rehab accommodation in Mayfair, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Notting Hill, London takes place in an intimate, one-to-one setting – no groups, no other patients. Your comfort, safety and privacy are our priority.

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