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Difficult sibling relationships can persist for decades. Our relationships with our siblings are often among the longest we have – and can be some of the most intense. We may experience years of conflicts, shared traumas, and formative events together.

It’s not uncommon to have a troubled relationship with a brother and sister. Perhaps you fight regularly or do not speak at all. However, things can get better. With the support of a licensed therapist, you can reconnect with adult siblings, resolve conflicts, and lay the foundations for a long and healthy relationship.

At Addcounsel, we offer luxury, private adult sibling therapy as part of a holistic and comprehensive healing experience. We understand that long-lasting mental wellness requires positive relationships with ourselves and the world around us – we’re here to support your journey of growth. Our world-leading program gathers expert psychologists, psychiatrists, medics, and other professionals from around the globe to offer you the best service available.

Each of our mental health treatment programs is individualised to your unique needs, combining the modalities that suit you. Like every treatment modality, we offer adult sibling therapy with full confidentiality, respecting your privacy at every stage

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How Adult Sibling Therapy Works

Adult sibling therapy works with siblings to repair past hurts and develop the skills required to move forward. It helps siblings to strengthen their understanding of each other’s perspectives and overcome deep-rooted behavioural patterns.

Adult sibling therapy may support you to:

  • Address and resolve ongoing conflicts
  • Address past conflicts and struggles, making room for forgiveness
  • Find compromises that help you function better as a family
  • Think introspectively, strengthening your understanding of yourself
  • Communicate openly, honestly, fairly, and constructively
  • Heal from past traumaDifficult sibling relationships often begin at an early age. Siblings may develop rivalries driven by a need for parental attention – particularly in single-parent families. These rivalries and thought-behavioural patterns can continue long after siblings have left home.

During sibling therapy, your therapist provides a safe space to explore, process, and heal from early life events. By enhancing your understanding of the root causes of long-standing struggles, you can take steps to manage and overcome them.

As well as addressing the past, adult sibling therapy looks to the future, helping you develop the interpersonal skills you need to navigate future challenges. This may include clear and direct communication, self-awareness, and conflict resolution skills. You may have the opportunity to practice these skills in between sessions, evaluating your experience and progress with your therapist.

How Mental Health Treatment Can Help You

Our relationships with family members often play a large role in our well-being. Strong and supportive relationships can provide security, stability, and mutual care. On the other hand, difficult relationships bring up feelings of stress, guilt, and regret. They can also bring up old wounds with every conflict, keeping you tied to past traumas.

Adult sibling therapy can help you turn difficult relationships into healthy ones, supporting you and your sibling’s mental wellbeing. It can also help you to process and recover from past traumas that may still be impacting your daily life.

If you have your own children or are looking to start a family, healing relationships with siblings can prevent you from unintentionally passing on problematic behavioural patterns to your own children. By increasing your self-awareness about the habits and perceptions you may still harbour from your own childhood, you can make sure you don’t recreate unhealthy family dynamics. Developing strong interpersonal skills helps you to set a good example for your children, who may apply them to their own relationships.

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There’s no need to keep struggling with a difficult relationship or maintain distance from loved ones. With effective therapy, you can overcome past traumas, ongoing conflicts, and personal obstacles and reconnect with the most important people in your life.

Addcounsel offers bespoke, expert-led mental wellness programs to support you to flourish in all aspects of life. Our ‘one client at a time’ approach guarantees total confidentiality while ensuring you receive the attention and care you deserve. Drawing on our world-leading selection of treatment modalities, we work together to deliver the best program for your needs, whatever that may be.

We want to make treatment as comfortable and convenient as possible, offering our services from our state-of-the-art facility in central London, as well as several luxury properties across the area. We also deliver our treatment to your home.

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