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Mental health illnesses have been a major cause behind preventable deaths and disease burden in the world. Specifically in the United Kingdom, 16% of the population goes through mental illnesses such as major depressive disorder, suicidal behaviours, alcohol and drug abuse and anxiety. There is a growing number of people who have mixed anxiety and depression, coming around 7% in the young population. In the last decade, women had more common mental health problems than men. One in eight men suffered from a mental disorder, whereas 20% of the woman population suffered through depression and anxiety.

From a socio-economic perspective, many reports suggest that lower SES is linked to the prevalence of mental health illnesses but at the same time, higher SES was also linked to mental illnesses where they would access private services rather than public therapy services. With this notion, Addcounsel Rehab in Mayfair London comes to support the elite communities in their recovery journey.

It caters to old and young and gives personalised care services with effective treatment plans for different disorders such as depression, alcohol abuse and drug addiction, ADHD, eating disorders.

Alcohol addiction and Drug Addiction:

Whether it is just alcohol/drug addiction alone, or with co-occurring disorders such as ADHD, depression, anxiety; Addcounsel Rehab can assure you that it will provide world-class treatment with a diversified team of psychiatrists, nutritionists, psychologists and physiotherapists. Addcounsel has access to various evidence-based techniques and tools which are effective for each addictive symptom. Alcohol abuse and tobacco abuse usually has an early onset in adolescents with ADHD, and at Addcounsel, we provide personalized treatment services with expertise for the 16+ population.

Exclusive services to elite Arabs – living or visiting in Central London:

Addcounsel is the first mental health treatment centre that provides luxury private care exclusively to Arab natives and Arabic speakers. It has a designated team of Arabic speakers to give individualized attention and support to the elite Arab who lives in London or are visiting. Since mental illnesses are still stigmatised, we provide 100% anonymity to each of the clients. Addcounsel respects the diversity and cultural differences while taking care of your mental health issues.

Addcounsel’s Approach:

What makes Addcounsel your best option is that we customize each treatment plan through a collaborative and collective vision towards better recovery.

  1. Intervene: Intervening with the family, friends and colleagues is to get to know the client better. It gives us a holistic view of the issues that the person is going through. This step is crucial for making rapport with the client and assuring them of premium quality of care.

  2. Assess: Without any assessment, treatment can not happen. A client’s symptoms are to be assessed from every vantage point such that every aspect of the client’s life is reviewed. This depicts our multi-disciplinary approach towards diagnosing your issues.

  3. Treat: After assessing the client’s problems and the case history, we move onto the next step, which is treatment. We plan the treatment interventions based on the individual needs and a customized team of professionals will help you recover smoothly.

  4. Maintain: Management of symptoms and re-integrating with the social world is as essential as the other steps. We curate active after-care programmes that promise long-term recovery, maintains positive relations with the family and promotes the overall well-being of the person.

Benefits you get at Addcounsel:

  • Complete anonymity

  • One client at a time

  • 24/7 Medical care team

  • Private accommodation

  • Biochemical restoration

  • Services available for those above 16

Addcounsel Rehab is your one-stop for all the mental health issues you are going through. With individualized care and attending to only your problems at a time, Addcounsel provides a luxurious treatment to our VIP clients with a fast recovery rate. Even today, mental health has the same old stigmatic eyes on it, and with the intent of anonymity to each client, we give the best treatment with full discretion.


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