The Addcounsel Approach

A special programme designed just for you, within our own framework called 'The Recovery Route'

The Recovery Route

Addcounsel provides a programme tailored to the individual needs of the patient. We harness a collective of carefully chosen people to guide patients step-by-step through our four-stage Recovery Route framework:


We meet with the family to structure the appropriate intervention route, enabling a smooth transition to assessment. This can be done in voluntary or crisis situations.


We carry out an intensive multi-disciplinary assessment to obtain a detailed understanding of the patients situation. We respond with a care plan and team to move to treatment.


Leveraging one of the World’s most extensive menu of treatment services we deliver our care plan with the focus on the patient and their family.


We create robust aftercare programmes to support lifestyle and family re-integration that facilitate long-term recovery maintenance, promote wellbeing, and limit the chances of relapse.

Helping you to a better tomorrow


Complete Anonymity

Heavy emphasis on preserving client identity, highest level of vetting and controls in place.


One Client at a Time

Just you and our dedicated group of people, there to support you and your family. No groups, no other patients.


24/7 Medically Led Care

One of the UK''s leading Psychiatrists and his team, overseeing your care.


Private Accommodation

Central London luxury property, providing comfort yet discrete in its surroundings.


Bio Chemical Restoration

Understanding how your genetics, diet, nutrition and lifestyle can play a role in the approach to restoring you to optimal health.


Services for Ages 16+​

An integrated approach to treating late childhood/early adulthood behavioural, emotional and mental health problems. A one stop shop for treatment.

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Safe, Compassionate Care

We provide a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary programme for those experiencing behavioural and mental health disorders.

Our team of multilingual specialists in psychiatry, psychology, functional medicine, neuroscience, nutrition, and holistic complementary therapies provide world-class care – for as long as a patient needs to recover meaningfully, successfully and with confidence.

We operate with complete discretion, safeguarding our clients’ privacy at all times.

Talk to us now to understand how we can make tomorrow a better day.