Addcounsel provides treatment for Addictive and Mental Health Disorders

In-patient treatment is delivered between our clinic and a number of carefully selected Central London properties. Providing care holistically, privately and one patient at a time.

COVID19 - We are open

Addcounsel is continuing to treat patients, throughout the COVID 19 Pandemic. Consultants are now vaccinated and continue to follow government guidelines.

For admissions from outside the UK, we advise residents of non-RED list countries, you will be immediately admitted into our care upon arrival. 

For specialist travel advice please make contact so we can make the necessary arrangements.

The UK’s leading provider of the pioneering ‘one client at a time’ treatment for those experiencing addiction and mental health disorders.

Addcounsel offers expert private treatment for a range of substance use disorders, mental health, and behavioural conditions. Our treatments are delivered with compassion and care by highly skilled mental health specialists, following our ‘one client at a time’ methodology. This involves dedicated, one to one treatment in an individual setting – no groups or other clients, ensuring an unrivalled level of care, and complete anonymity.

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Private & Exclusive Central London Locations

In a conventional rehab facility you would be located in one specific place with a group of people, where you would spend the duration of your stay. With our rehab in London we are able to offer you the choice of many different elegant and private settings for you alone or the individuals you choose to have with you during treatment. We can provide any style and size of accommodation you require for the duration of your stay.

At a conventional rehab you are often expected to do your own household chores and the staff, such as support workers that are available to you, will be shared between the others in treatment. In contrast, we provide a full concierge service to include the following: House staff & butler; private chef who will provide a bespoke menu daily comprised of nutritionally balanced meals to suit special medical, dietary and religious requirements; chauffeur service; chaperone; perimeter and close protection security, as well as our medical staff who will be on call 24/7.

There is nowhere better in the world to find long lasting recovery from addiction, in a setting that offers unequalled privacy as well as luxury.

Dedicated Services for Addiction and Mental Health Conditions

Addcounsel provides:

  • Complete Anonymity
  • One Client at a Time
  • 24/7 Medically Led Care
  • Private Accommodation
  • Bio Chemical Restoration
  • Services for Ages 16+

Private with Worldwide Reach

Addcounsel is known worldwide for the exceptional quality of clinical care we provide our clients. We offer the very best psychological and addiction treatment services to clients from across the UK, Europe, Asia, The Middle-east and America, from our central London base.

London is one of the most easily accessible cities in the world – connected directly to over 130 countries. Outside of the U.S, London also hosts the highest number of addiction and mental health specialists in the world.

The U.K is a country that adheres to extremely strong clinical and regulatory standards which ensure the topmost level of care in all areas. London is an extremely culturally diverse city, boasting an ethnically diverse NHS which grants us access to world class specialists who are able to communicate in a vast range of different languages. This enables many people to access our treatment from all over the world.

Like Switzerland, the UK places a high emphasis on the medical approach to treatment for mental health and substance misuse issues, however the UK supports using holistic treatment approaches alongside medical care. This works exceptionally well for our treatment at Addcounsel’s luxury London rehab, as we combine medication, homeopathy, counselling, acupuncture, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, massage and nutrition to deliver a fully comprehensive and personalised plan for each individual client.

What we treat

Alcohol Addiction

Comprehensive rehab services to support Alcohol dependency, available in Central London

Drug Addiction

Treatment for addiction to Stimulants, Opioids and Benzodiazepines, overseen by our Medical & Clinical Directors

Eating Disorders

Strong, multi-disciplinary approach to the complexities of Eating Disorders, with a significant emphasis on family participation

Mental Health

Extensive resources for the diagnosis, treatment and management of mental health disorders

Behavioural Addictions

Exhaustive evidence based approaches to the treatment of a range of Behavioural/Process addictions

Young Person’s Mental Health

Integrated approach to issues such as Emotional self regulation, Failure to Launch, Gaming and Family Conflict

The Addcounsel Family

Addcounsel offers specialised programmes for behavioural health assessment and detox, delivered safely to the highest levels of clinical standards.

Behavioural Wealth is a pioneering service that offers a holistic two-day assessment of the physical, mental, and spiritual elements of an individual person’s health.

Orchestrate supports patients with complex mental health needs, enabling them to be cared for at home by providing live-in mental health specialists, home assessments and daily visits from professionals within the mental health field.