The Team

To provide a robust and effective service we have a multi-disciplinary team.

It is made up of medical and healthcare specialists with backgrounds in Psychiatry, Hepatology, Functional and General Medicine.

Additionally, we have those with specific experience in:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychology
  • Recovery Management
  • Nursing
  • Complementary Therapies

Each specialist has been chosen based on their experience and knowledge of behavioural health and sub sectors of these areas, such as eating disorders, mild dementia and trauma.

The structure of the team is supported by an Integrated Governance Committee, which is made up of the following:

  • Medical Director
  • Quality & Compliance Director
  • Clinical Director

This group is responsible for overseeing Addcounsel’s clinical governance and supports the service in ensuring it exceeds CQC fundamental principles of care.

Management & Operations

Paul Flynn
Co founder & CEO
Natasha Presley
Clinical Operations Manager

Medical & Clinical

Dr Farrukh Alam
Medical Director
Michael Ishmail
Co Founder & Clinical Director

Consultant Psychiatrists

Dr Mohammed Alsaidi
Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Bruce Trathen
Consultant Psychiatrist


Dr Rob Hill
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Dr Richard Sherry
Consultant Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Functional & Bio Regulatory Medicine

Deborah Colson
Nutritional Therapy
Rick Miller
Functional & Lifestyle Medicine
Dr Isabelle Martineau
Functional & Bio Regulatory Medicine

Psychotherapists & Specialist Consultants

Afirah Azmi
Emma Jane Haigh
Eating Disorder Specialist
Tricia Bowie-Phillips
Systemic Psychotherapist
Hadil Aloloum
Family & Systemic Psychotherapist
Michael Foy
Lia Brown


Jacqueline Connor
RMN Nurse/Integrative Counsellor
Alison Walton
Registered Mental Health Nurse
Sharon Hawley
Registered Mental Health Nurse
Norman Kaseke
Registered Mental Health Nurse
Blessings Mandishona
Registered Mental Health Nurse

Recovery Management Specialists

Jessica Jones
Recovery Manager
Simon Pooley
Recovery Manager
John Felgate
Recovery Manager
Adam Freeman
Recovery Manager

Private GPs

Dr Amarjit Raindi
Private GP
Dr Lilya Burrett
Private GP

Client Support

Alicia Ferrero
Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher
Martin Turk
Personal Trainer
Lea Vendrami
Life Coach
Anna Mertz
Holistic Therapist
Nadeem Leigh
Music Coach
David Behrens
Mindfulness Practitioner
Simon Morgan
Head of Security

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