As a client of Addcounsel, you can access a range of services across the behavioural health spectrum. A ‘care plan’ is designed specifically to your circumstances, with the Psychiatric, Bio-regulatory and General health screening process seen as a standard. There is no other service like this available for behavioural health in the U.K.


This is offered to individuals & families that expect complete discretion and a level of support unavailable in residential treatment facilities or care homes. This can be delivered in one of Addcounsel’s specially chosen residencies or within the client’s choice of property.

Once engaged by the client, we design the programme specifically with the weekly fee including all therapeutic services, 24 hour care 7 days a week, medical supervision, detox at a hospital if required. Advanced medical screening, as well as transportation, security, private accommodation, personal chef and leisure activities.


This programme has been formulated to support many potential scenarios. Successful businesspeople, media personalities who have lost their sense of purpose or identity and are struggling to maintain their mental health and require a flexible service to wrap around work and family commitments.

Where seismic events such as divorce or bereavement require a supportive solution to provide a ‘Recovery Route’ to a more balanced life. This can often be delivered in conjunction with legal representatives and may involve, medico legal assessments and/or sobriety verification.


Helping maintain your recovery is central to Addcounsel’s philosophy.

We provide a range of services as part of the ‘care plan’ that puts the management of your health into your hands.These vary according to individual circumstances and healthcare needs. Whether suffering from a degenerative mental health disorder or require support with addiction recovery, a flexible solution can be delivered.  


We have 3 distinct levels of support.
Initial engagement fee to provide consultation and intervention services £10,000

Premium Bespoke

Individually tailored programmes delivered either in one of our private luxury accommodations or in the patients home.

Bespoke Flexcare

Individualised treatment programmes delivered in the community to support long term recovery.

Aftercare & Recovery Maintenance

UK and International services providing robust aftercare and recovery maintenance programmes aiding long term recovery support.