About Us


Mental illness has played a pivotal role in shaping our lives, we are driven by a desire to help people recover and live a better tomorrow.


Addcounsel is the UK’s first provider of bespoke 1-2-1 care for behavioural health.

Operating from London’s Mayfair, Addcounsel is a multi disciplinary healthcare service for those experiencing behavioural health disorders.

Our service is different for several reasons –

  • Each family has their own dedicated team of specialists
  • Addcounsel orchestrate and deliver the entire process
  • We have a long term perspective on supporting the family


Our highly experienced team have been selected to ensure we have a high level of specialist capability.

This covers substance and process addiction and mental health disorders associated with drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling.

Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and panic, stress and eating disorders; Physical examinations; health assessments; prescribing and administration of medicines and care and support during treatment.

Delivered through our ‘The Recovery Route’ framework it provides a clear pathway to live a ‘better tomorrow’.


“To be a leader in the provision of 1-2-1 Bespoke Care programmes for those suffering from addiction and behavioural disorders”

Our Mission

“To offer a better tomorrow, supporting you and your loved ones through recovery from addictive and behavioural disorders, delivered exclusively, professionally and with compassion.”


  1. Q. In what language can you provide treatment?

    A. The primary language is English, though we have a multi lingual team of medical and clinical professionals that are fluent in over 15 international languages, including Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

  2. Q. How long does treatment take?

    A. Our Recovery Route, is different to traditional Detox/Rehabilitation centres, where 28 days of insurance tends to dictate the length of the programme.

    With Addcounsel the Recovery Route is a long term commitment to recovery. Some people will require 12 weeks of live in care, some may require 12 months.

    It’s the emphasis we place on the maintenance/aftercare and our prolonged support in this area that is a key factor in relation to the duration of required treatment.

  3. Q. Who leads your team?

    A. Our multi disciplinary team is headed by our Clinical Director, Michael Ishmail MSc and Medical Director and Lead Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Farrukh Alam.

  4. Q. Do you work with families / provide family therapy?

    A. Yes, the family is an integral component to support the patient through their recovery. Behavioural health illnesses can have a corrosive impact on the family dynamic, often causing other members to demonstrate evidence of illness too.  As part of our integrated approach to behavioural health we have an excellent team of family therapists.

  5. Q. Where does treatment take place?

    A. We have a range of luxury apartments and houses in London.  Alternatively, we can deliver our services at a client owned property.

  6. Q. Why would I choose addcounsel?

    A. We are the UK’s first provider of bespoke 1-2-1 care for behavioural health. Each family has their own dedicated team of specialists. Addcounsel orchestrates and delivers the entire process. We have a long term perspective on supporting the family and its individual members.

  7. Q. Why have you chosen to be in London?

    • World class healthcare and medical professionals
    • Global City – London is a global wealth pool which attracts affluent people from all over the world.
    • London is best positioned to support the maintenance of our clients recovery
    • Urban Recovery – We understand the attraction of the ‘beach/countryside/reclusive’ approach to treatment. We remain free to incorporate time at one of our partners treatment centres. However, the Recovery Route focuses on helping people attain and sustain their recovery in an urban environment. This best prepares clients to maintain long term recovery

  8. Q. Can I still work during treatment?

    A. Many of our clients are entrepreneurs and are involved in high intensity activity. We are mindful that getting the right balance is key

  9. Q. What disorders do you treat?

    A. We provide healthcare consultations and treatments in relation to addiction and mental health disorders associated with drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling; mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress and eating disorders

  10. Q. Do you provide detoxification?

    A. Yes -Addcounsel are registered with the CQC to provide detoxification.  Doctors can prescribe medication to help with the withdrawal symptoms of detoxification.